O reduction of long distance phone call expenses with

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Unformatted text preview: istance fees, modem banks, and multiple access connections. o Reduction of long distance phone call expenses with use of Voice over IP. o Savings of up to 65% on monthly circuit costs by moving from an FR and ATM environment to an IP VPN. o Lower teleworker connection costs, by as much as 20%-25% per month, over traditional dial-up & ISDN. o Use of standard protocols, IP and IPsec, which provide needed standardization. o Simplification of maintenance and support – reduces scalability issues and management complexity. 4 VPN, IPSec and TLS Secure VPNs • Security is implemented in all products that offer VPNs. • Secure VPNs are revolutionizing the way the Internet is used. • IETF has standardized IPsec (IP Security) for secure VPN applications that have the following features: — are transparent to all TCP/IP applications — can be implemented in any LAN/WAN environment using TCP/IP — can secure any business communication over the Internet. • IPsec is a mandatory part of the forthcoming IPv6 standard. VPN IPsec IKE v2 TLS M. Mogollon – 01/08 - 5 • Security is the enabling technology that has revolutionized the way the Internet is used. Once people started to trust the network, new applications and services increased the user base and the commercial value of the Internet. With the right network security technology, companies could use VPNs through a public network like the Internet, or, in some cases, through a large corporate WAN. • Industry leaders are already adding security to their critical applications. • Security is included in all products that offer VPNs. This feature is being added to web browsers, operating systems, routers, email programs, etc. • Enterprises building VPNs would like to purchase products that have multiple vendor interoperability. Products that follow the standards have an advantage over non-interoperability products. • The principal applications for secure VPN technology are remote access, intranets, and extranets. • Whether its providing secure communication for employees in the field communicating by phone lines, or adding branch offices, business partners, customers, or suppliers, connected to the...
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