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5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 1, 2, 3, 4. sor q5a.pdf q6a.pdf We should ܯܴܵ ൌ 1C/1F, i.e is not opti a. ܯܴܵ b. No, Con cons c. We i i We have diminishin that poin consumpti consumer at the opti rular cevap1 d check if the . MR . ଵଶ ଶସ , wh mal. ܵ ൌ ெ௎ ெ௎ because if th suming from sumer has no are looking f i. Is a mon ii. Also a m ii. Not a mo iv. Not a mo increasing ng MRS. Se nt A is ion bundl will not con mal consump Proble .jpg’de. e optimality RS at 12 bot hile the price ଵ଺ ସൈହൈ he consumer each such t o reason to co for monoton notonic trans monotonic tra onotonic tran onotonic tran MRS inste ee from the not an o le. Hence nsume both ption point.
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