ECON448 questions - ECON 448 Technology and Industrial...

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Unformatted text preview: ECON 448 Technology and Industrial Dynamics 2002-2005 Mid-term and Final Exam Questions 1. Define the following concepts: Patent National system of innovation Mission-oriented technology policy Sixth Framework Programme Solar firm model Tacit knowledge Mode of regulation Taylorism Organic composition of capital Embodied technology Federated enterprises Key input Innovation 2. Discuss the characteristics of main types of Japanese industrial organization (Zaibatsu, business group, and network). Describe the type of industrial organization that is dominant in Turkey by using Imai’s conceptual framework 3. Write an essay on the so-called “Productivity Paradox”. Please do not forget to discuss its definition, empirical evidence, and the arguments that are suggested to explain the paradox. What do you think if there is really any paradox? Why (not)? 4. Does Turkey need any technology/innovation policy? Why (not)? (Please be very specific in defining problems and suggesting, if any, policies.) 5. Summarize the main characteristics and limitations of various regimes of accumulation observed in developing countries. Which one has been dominant in Turkey since the early observed in developing countries....
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ECON448 questions - ECON 448 Technology and Industrial...

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