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midterm1 - ω)| 2 and phase{H ω on a Bode plot 2 Consider...

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ECE 100 Midterm Examination Fall 2009 This examination is closed book, you may not use any reference materials or any calculator. Be sure to show your work carefully. No credit will be given for unsupported answers. 1. Consider the circuit sketched to the right. (a) Find H( ω→ 0) and H( ω→∞ ) using dc and infinite frequency models for the inductor. (b) Write the transfer function H(s) as a rational function. Confirm your results for (a) above. (c) Find the location of all finite poles and zeros. Sketch them in the complex s plane. (d) Draw |H(
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Unformatted text preview: ω )| 2 and phase{H( ω )} on a Bode plot. 2. Consider the circuit sketched to the right. The opamp has “ideal” input and output resistance, but its gain is A(s). (a) Find the feedback transfer function B(s) = V-- /V OUT . (b) Write H (s) in terms of A(s) and B(s). (c) Assume A(s)=G/s, put in your result for B(s), and write H(s) as a rational function of s. (d) Write the loop gain T(s) as a rational function of s. (e) Plot the magnitude and phase of T( ω ) on a Bode Plot. (f) Find the phase margin....
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