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lab_solution3 - image(ans anomaly still at around 450 try...

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ECE 101 - Fall 2009 Lab #3 Solutions Results: The license plate reads, “ECE 101 – F’09”. The length of the blur is N = 444. An improperly de-blurred image has “ghosts” of the original image shifted horizontally by a factor such that you see replicas of the original image at different locations. M-files: Lab3.m % Start-up: load lab3.mat ; colormap(map); image(pic); % Trial & Error: unblur(pic,200); image(ans); % value of N too low % seems like N should be around 450 from new image unblur(pic,450);
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Unformatted text preview: image(ans); % anomaly still at around 450, try slighter higher unblur(pic,455); image(ans); % break at 450 region has expanded, try lower unblur(pic,445); image(ans); % almost there! unblur(pic,444); image(ans); % optimum N found title( 'Rectified Image with Blur Filter set at N = 444' ); orient landscape ; print; unblur.m function [output] = unblur(image,N) L = size(image,2); H = toeplitz([ones(1,N) zeros(1,L-N)], [1 zeros(1,L-1)]); H = (1/N)* H; output = image * inv(H'); Plots:...
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