test1f - Name: GTID: ECE 3025: Electromagnetics TEST 1...

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GTID: ECE 3025: Electromagnetics TEST 1 (Fall 2009) Please read all instructions before continuing with the test. This is a closed notes, closed book, closed calculator, closed friend, open mind test. You should only have writing instruments on your desk when you take this test. If I find anything on your desk (excluding the test itself, writing instruments, and life-or-death medication) I will turn you in for an honor code violation. I am serious. Show all work. (It helps me give partial credit.) Work all problems in the spaces below the problem statement. If you need more room, use the back of the page. DO NOT use or attach extra sheets of paper for work. Work intelligently – read through the exam and do the easiest problems first. Save the hard ones for last. All necessary mathematical formulas are included either in the problem statements or the last few pages of this test. You have 80 minutes to complete this examination. When I announce a “last call” for ex- amination papers, I will leave the room in 5 minutes. The fact that I do not have your examination in my possession will not stop me. I will not grade your examination if you fail to 1) put your name and GTID number in the upper left-hand blanks on this page or 2) sign the blank below acknowledging the terms of this test and the honor code policy. Have a nice day! Pledge Signature: I acknowledge the above terms for taking this examination. I have neither given nor received unau- thorized help on this test. I have followed the Georgia Tech honor code in preparing and submitting the test. 1
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This note was uploaded on 05/26/2010 for the course ECE 3025 taught by Professor Citrin during the Spring '08 term at Georgia Tech.

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test1f - Name: GTID: ECE 3025: Electromagnetics TEST 1...

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