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Assignment 6-Questions

Assignment 6-Questions - ECE3085 Homework#6 Due Feb 18 2009...

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ECE3085 - Homework #6 Due: Feb. 18, 2009 This homework is pretty much a review for the quiz. To make sure that you have some metric, complete or partial solutions are given. As such, the problems are worth less than usual, except for the last one, which is not a quiz problem. They don’t test everything, but do cover some important elements. You are best advised to study the course notes, the homeworks plus solutions, and (naturally) the textbook (Chapter 3). It is possible that these problems are a bit harder than the actual test. If you do manage to complete the first five problems of this homework in under 80 minutes, then you are good to go. Just make sure you also understand the significance of it all, since I may test you on that kind of understanding. If I made a mistake and you catch it, then you get double for the problem. I am certain they are correct, but it is late and I am a bit tired. Problem 1. (4 pts) What is the inverse Laplace transform of F ( s ) = 2 ( s + 1)( s + 2) 2 Answer: 2 e - t - 2 e - 2 t - 2 te - 2 t . Problem 2. (4 pts) What is the step response of the following system ... x + 11¨ x + 10˙ x = 10 u assuming zero initial state. Is the response bounded or unbounded, e.g., is the limit
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