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William Edwards [email protected] Homework 2: Term Paper Topic Brainstorming Topic: What Can Legally Be Shared On the Internet? Why Interesting: Sharing information or items has only become an issue with the internet. How sharing on the internet is different from person to person sharing seems to be a grey area. Statement of Opinion: If something can be shared without the internet it should be legal to share it with the internet. The internet is a tool that has significantly sped up the process of sharing information and items but unless the internet is deemed illegal sharing things on it should not be. Topic: Should Workplaces Be Allowed To Spy on Computer Activity? Why Interesting: I saw an article that said 90% of companies regardless of size monitor almost everything you do on your computer including email, internet surfing, and time logged in. Statement of Opinion: I think the workplace should be a productive environment but I
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Unformatted text preview: don’t think my personal emails sent on my lunch break should be available for higher-ups to read. I think you should be giving freedom to do whatever you want at your computer so long as you perform your required duties. Topic: Should Texting/Talking on the Phone While Driving Be Illegal Why Interesting: People who use phones while driving are far more likely to cause accidents. If using a phone without a hands-free device were illegal a lot of people would still be alive today. Statement of Opinion: I think driving while using the phone should be considered as bad as driving drunk, and the consequences should be similar. I have two friends who were involved in accidents due to distractions of the driver and I do not know how I would be able to deal with losing a friend because of someone’s disregard for paying attention to the road....
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