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dna tech syllabusWinter20100 - BIMM 101 Recombinant DNA...

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BIMM 101 Recombinant DNA Techniques Winter 2010 Dr. Stephanie Mel Office hours: Monday 1 – 2 PM or in class [email protected] York 4070 E 858-822-0603 Lectures: York 3010 T-Th 8 – 9:20 AM 122 PCYNH Labs: York 4318 and 4332 T/Th 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM and W/F 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM Learning objectives: Learn the theory behind molecular techniques, and the applications of the methodologies in biological research Become proficient at basic molecular biology techniques Learn the importance of proper controls in designing experiments and interpreting results Improve lab math skills and ability to graph data correctly Learn to make logical conclusions from experimental data Become familiar with bioinformatics databses and applications Learn to find, read, and evaluate primary literature Become aware of the implications of the technology for society TAs: Tu/Th Marito Hayashi [email protected] Mary Nguyen [email protected] W/Fr Tyler Van Buren [email protected] Maria Mihaylova [email protected] Required texts: BIMM 101 Lab Manual from University Readers From Genes to Genomes by Dale (2nd edition) also on reserve in BML Required Materials – needed by second day of class: Labcoat (the bookstore has cheap ones) UV blocking safety glasses (also at bookstore) Lab notebook with carbon copies (bookstore or Grove general store) Remember that lab attendance is required – if you miss two labs, you will be asked to drop the course. If you are ill, you must leave a message with me, not your TA, and make up the lab in a way that I will determine. You must be on time for lab; the TAs go over the experiments at the beginning of lab, and also pop quizzes are administered then.
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Grading: 1. Quizzes: Starting the week of Jan. 11th, there will be a quiz on every Tuesday or
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dna tech syllabusWinter20100 - BIMM 101 Recombinant DNA...

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