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BIBC 103 syllabus - Syllabus BIBC 103 BIOCHEMICAL...

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Syllabus BIBC 103: BIOCHEMICAL TECHNIQUES Section B00 Spring Quarter 2010 Instructor: Lara Soowal, Ph.D. Office: HSS 1145-I Telephone: 534-8644 E-mail: [email protected] (Please include “BIBC 103” in your subject line.) Office Hours: Anytime I’m around the labs, or Friday 11-12 Support Staff: Joe Stagg Office: Bonner Hall 1402 Telephone: 534-2195 E-mail: [email protected] Lecture: Tues/Thurs 11:00 AM - 12:20 PM in HSS 1330 Lab: Tu/Th 12:30 PM - 4:30 PM; BH 1309 (B01), 1329 (B02), 1413 (B03); Tu/Th 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM; BH 1309 (B04), 1329 (B05), 1413 (B06) What to bring to lab each day: 1. Lab Manual 2. Lab Research Notebook with 100 numbered duplicate pages 3. pen (lab notes must be in ink) 4. calculator 5. lab coat 6. UV safety glasses 7. proper attire Course Web Site: Additional course materials will be on our web site, including supplemental material, lab report guidelines and exam keys. The site is available to everyone who is registered for the class. The address is: Please be sure that you are able to access this web site. Be sure to check it often. Lab report and homework guidelines will be posted here. Notes about exams and practice exam questions will also be posted here. We will be using the discussion board of the web site to address general questions about the course. If you have a question that might be of relevance to others in the class (about course content, lecture information, lab reports, etc.) please use the discussion board instead of emailing the professor. Feel free to use email to address any personal issues that might come up.
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Grading: Your final grade will be calculated using the following criteria: 1. 300 points – lab reports (2 lab reports, 150 pts each) 2. 450 points – 3 exams, 150 pts each 3. 150 points – quizzes, attendance, notebook, TA evaluation 4. 100 points – homeworks (protein crystallization, bioinformatics, FP) If your overall grade is above 970, you will receive an A+. 930-969 = A; 900-929 = A-; 870-899 = B+; 830-869 = B; 800-829 = B-; 770-799 = C+; 730-769 = C; 700-729 = C-; 600-699 = D, <600 = F. The curve might be lowered (you might be given a higher grade than listed above) if it is warranted based on the performance of the entire class. Course Outline: Week/ Dates Experiment/Activity Lab Manual Chapter 1 Mar 30 Organization/Safety; Introduction to Micropipettes Lab 1 Apr 1 Making a pH buffer; Quantitative Measurements Lab 2 2 Apr 6 LDH 1: Initial purification of LDH from crude homogenate – centrifugation, ammonium sulfate precipitations; prepare size exclusion column Lab 3 Apr 8 LDH 2: Affinity chromatography purification of LDH Lab 4 3 Apr 13 LDH 3: Size exclusion chromatography purification of LDH Lab 5
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BIBC 103 syllabus - Syllabus BIBC 103 BIOCHEMICAL...

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