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Crt 205 Week 3 Argument Credibility Checkpoint Part 1

Crt 205 Week 3 Argument Credibility Checkpoint Part 1 - CNN...

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Crt 205 Week 3 Argument Credibility Checkpoint Part 1 • What claims are being made? The claims are that the United States is spread to thin military wise in the country of Afghanistan. This is do to the increased Taliban attacks throughout this country. The increased influx of attacks has taken a toll on the casualty count of American forces in Afghanistan. • Do the claims conflict with your personal observations? The claims do not conflict with my personal views. As I work directly with the military and I see reports everyday that we have an insufficient force presently in Afghanistan to maintain the peace let a lone mount an offensive assault. • What background information do you have about the claims? I read these claims every week in a status report of aircraft in the field and how they are spread to thin. I feel this is backed up by concurrence with these claims from other relatable sources like
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Unformatted text preview: CNN, World News and the New York Times. Which are credible news sources. • What is the expertise of the author, if any? The editors of the article are reports of the Associated Press. Ben Feller and Jennifer Loven which have written hundreds of articles for repeatable news papers and magazines throughout the United States. • Is the author biased and untrustworthy, or unbiased and trustworthy? The authors are a trustworthy source which write for the Associated Press. I feel the article is based on facts and metrics from the battlefield along with interviews with top ranking military officials in Afghanistan. Source: http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/story?section=news/national_world&id=7048748 Karen Sheid [email protected]
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