LAW314 Lecture 3 - References : Constitution (Preamble)...

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[OH1] LAW314 2010 LECTURE 3 (01.03.10) A/Prof Iain Stewart AUSTRALIA’S CONSTITUTIONAL INDEPENDENCE ‘Australia’ ‘Sovereignty’ ‘The Crown: personal and abstract ‘The Sovereign’ o ‘Sovereignty’, legal and political o ‘Sovereignty’, internal and external o ‘Sovereignty’, real and façade o Relativisation of sovereignty 1
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[OH2] Sovereignty in Australia The Invasion of 1788 Imposition of English Law The road to Federation Federation to Independence Popular sovereignty Changing the Constitution (s 128) Toward a new constitution
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Unformatted text preview: References : Constitution (Preamble) Amendment Act 2010 (Qld) [Blackboard, Learning Modules, Tutorial Supplementary Materials 25] Anne Twomey, The Chameleon Crown (2007) [to be placed on Reserve] Neil MacCormick, Questioning Sovereignty (1999) ch 8 On Sovereignty and Post-Sovereignty [to be placed on e-Reserve] 2 (Jeffrey Goldsworthy, The Myth of the Common Law Constitution is also to be placed on e-Reserve after some students reported problems with downloading it from Blackboard) 3...
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LAW314 Lecture 3 - References : Constitution (Preamble)...

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