Water Resource Plan - keep with the demand and to make...

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Water Resource Plan By: Amanda Vanhoogen
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The water resource problem that is being described in the video is overfishing. This problem is caused mostly by humans and it is causing many commercial fish’s population to deplet. “ According to the National Research Council, 80 percent of nearly 200 commercially important fish stocks in the United States and nearly 30 percent worldwide are fully exploited or overfished” ( Berg and Hager 2007 pg 262 ). Many people today are eating more and more fish because it is suppose to be healthier for their body so fish is in a greater demand. The increasing demand is what causes overfishing to happen because more and more fishing are going to try and
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Unformatted text preview: keep with the demand and to make money. Also the advance in technology and the already highly effective methods of fishing are helping in the depletion of the fish population. What needs to be done to help stop the depletion and yet satisfy both parties is there needs to be a sustainment plan. It would take time but eventually it could reverse the negative effects of all the overfishing that has happened over the decades and replenish the fish back to the way they need to be. This plan could also help to keep this from happening again. The best way to do this would be to put limits....
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Water Resource Plan - keep with the demand and to make...

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