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SOM Toolbox Help Desk SOM Toolbox - Preprocessing GUI Syntax preprocess(sD) Input parameters sD (struct or vector of structs) 'som_data' -struct or vector of 'som_data' -structs Introduction Preprocessing GUI for SOM Toolbox is a tool for manipulating 'som_data' -structs. GUI contains several preprocessing tools for data set. Using GUI Preprocessing GUI is shown in a Figure 1: Figure 1. Preprocess In the upper left corner under the text ' DATA SETS ' is popup -menu that selects the current data set. Loading, saving and renaming is performed by opening a ' DATA SET MANAGEMENT ' -gui using the button under this popup -menu. ' SELECTED DATA SET ' -field contains information of the current data set. Field ' COMPONENT LIST ' contains the names of the components. Components for preprocessing can be chosen from this field by using the mouse. A discrete selection can be made by pressing <CTRL> -key during the selection. Pushbuttons beside the ' COMPONENT LIST ' -field visualize the chosen components. PLOT visualizes data points one after another. BOX-PLOT uses Statistical Toolbox's boxplot -function (type ' help boxplot ' in workspace). HISTOGRAM plots histograms by using n bins (default n is 30, value can be changed by writing the new one to the text box beside the HISTOGRAM -button. XY-PLOT plots the first two chosen components, the second as the function of the first one. On the right of the buttons is the field ' AVERAGE ' which shows means of the selected vectors. The ' Relative Values ' -axis shows relative statitistics of every components chosen vectors. The left limit if the axes is every components minimum and the right side maximum. Tha black lines shows interval containing values of the
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chosen vectors. The circles in the axis are the means of the chosen vectors and x -marks show show medians. STATISTICS -field contains statistics of the current component, and in the HISTOGRAM -axis is the histogram of the current component. The current component is drawn in the axis, which is on the left side of the histogram. This axis also shows the selected vectors as red circles. The vector selections can be made by selecting regions from the axis. The SELECT ALL -button selects all vectors. The current component can be chosen from the popup -menu under the axis. It should be noticed that this selection has nothing to do with
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preprocess - SOM Toolbox Help Desk SOM Toolbox -...

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