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SOM Toolbox Online documentation rep_utils aout = rep_utils(action,fmt,fid) REP_UTILS Utilities for print reports and report elements. aout = rep_utils(action,fmt,[fid]) Input and output arguments ([]'s are optional): action (string) action identifier (cell array) {action,par1,par2,. ..} the action identifier, followed by action parameters [fmt] (string) format of output, 'txt' by default [fid] (scalar) output file id, by default NaN in which case output is not written, only returned in aout aout (varies) output of the action Here are the actions and their arguments: 'printlines' par1 (cellstr) print par1, each cell on a new line 'header' par1 (string) print document header using par1 as title 'footer' print document footer
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Unformatted text preview: 'compile' par1 (string) compile the named document (only 'ps' and 'pdf') 'inserttable' par1 (struct) print given table par2 (scalar) print lines between rows if par2=1 par3 (scalar) use longtable format (only 'ps' and 'pdf') 'printfigure' par1 (string) print current figure to file, par1 = filename par2 (scalar) used resolution (150 dpi by default) par3 (scalar) if par3=1, insert figure in minipage 'insertfigure' par1 (string) insert figure to report, par1 = filename of figure par2 (vector) size 2 x 1, size of figure relative to page size NaN = automatic scaling par3 (scalar) if par3=1, insert figure in minipage (only 'ps' and 'pdf') 'insertbreak' insert paragraph break into report See also REP_STATS. [ SOM Toolbox online doc ]...
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