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SOM Toolbox Online documentation som_bmucolor bmu_colors=som_bmucolor(bmus, m, colors); SOM_BMUCOLOR Returns the colors of the bmus according to a map colorcode bmu_colors=som_bmucolor(bmus, msize, colors); INPUT ARGUMENTS ([]'s are optional) bmus (matrix) Nx1 vector of BMU indexes msize (map struct, topol struct or 1x2 vector) gives the map grid size colors (matrix) colormap(s): munits x 3 x d matrix of RGB vectors OUTPUT ARGUMENTS bmu_colors (Nx3xd matrix) color of the data point according to its BMU's
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Unformatted text preview: color(s). Idea is to get a color for each data point that links it to its BMU. EXAMPLE We want to show how an time series is projected to a map. Instead of a trajectory, we use 'color linking' map=som_make(multi_dim_signal); bmus=som_bmu(map,multi_dim_signal); Colors=som_bmucolor(bmus, map, som_colorcode(map,'rgb1')); colorsignal(Colors, multi_dim_signal); See also SOM_COLORCODE. [ SOM Toolbox online doc ]...
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