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SOM Toolbox Online documentation som_clstruct sC = som_clstruct(Z,varargin) SOM_CLSTRUCT Create a clustering struct or set its field values. sC = som_clstruct(Z, [argID, value, . ..]) Z = linkage(pdist(sM.codebook)); sC = som_clstruct(Z); sC = som_clstruct(sC,'coord',som_vis_coords(lattice,msize)); sC = som_clstruct(sC,'color',som_colorcode(sM)); sC = som_clstruct(sC,'base',sC.base(som_bmus(sM,sD))); Input and output arguments ([]'s are optional): Z (matrix) size clen-1 x 3, where clen is the number of base clusters. This is a clustering matrix similar to that produced by LINKAGE in Statistical Toolbox. See SOM_LINKAGE. (struct) clustering struct (as produced by this function) [argID, (string) See below. Each pair is the fieldname and value] (varies) the value to be given to that field. sC (struct) clustering struct The clustering struct is based on the assumption that there is a base partitioning of the SOM (or data) which is saved in the .base field of the struct. Then a hierarchical clustering
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som_clstruct - SOM Toolbox Online documentation

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