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Online documentation som_cplane Purpose Visualizes a 2D component plane or u-matrix Syntax h = som_cplane(topol, color) h = som_cplane(lattice, msize, color) h = som_cplane(lattice, msize, color) h = som_cplane(. .., size) h = som_cplane(. .., size, pos) Description Creates some basic visualizations of the SOM grid: the component plane and the unified distance matrix. The routine draws the SOM grid as a patch object according to the specifications given in the input arguments and returns its object handle. Each unit of the map is presented by a polygon whose color, size, shape and location can be specified in various ways. The usual procedure is to choose the lattice and map size used in the map training. Then the function creates the standard sheet shaped topological representation of the map grid with hexagonal or rectangular units. When the values from a map codebook component (or from SOM_UMAT) are given to the function it produces an indexed coloring for the units (as in SURF command). Another possibility is to give a fixed RGB color for each unit explicitly. Special effects (variable unit size, location or shape) can be produced giving different types of input variables. Known bugs Using 1x3 or 3x1 grids causes problem, as the MATLAB will treat the color information vector 1x3 or 3x1 as a single RGB triple. So, using indexed colors is not possible for this particular map size. It is not possible to specify explicit coordinates for map
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som_cplane - SOM Toolbox Online documentation...

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