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SOM Toolbox Online documentation som_denormalize Purpose Undo normalizations of data structs/sets. Syntax sS = som_denormalize(sS) sS = som_denormalize(. ..,'argID',value,. ..); sS = som_denormalize(. ..,value,. ..); D = som_denormalize(D,sNorm) Description This function is used to undo normalizations of data structs/sets. If a data/map struct is given, all normalizations in the '.comp_norm' field are undone and, thus, the values in the original data context are returned. If a matrix is given, the normalizations to undo must be given as the second argument. SOM_DENORMALIZE actually uses function SOM_NORM_VARIABLE to handle the normalization operations, and only handles the data struct/set specific stuff itself. Normalizations are always one-variable operations. In the data and map structs the normalization information for each component is saved in the '.comp_norm' field, which is a cell array of length dim. Each cell contains normalizations for one vector component in a struct array of normalization structs. Each component may have different
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som_denormalize - SOM Toolbox Online documentation

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