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SOM Toolbox Online documentation som_dmatclusters [base,seed] = som_dmatclusters(sM,linkage,neigh,ignore) SOM_DMATCLUSTERS Cluster map based on neighbor distance matrix. base = som_dmatclusters(sM,linkage,neigh,ignore) sM (struct) map or data struct (matrix) data matrix, size n x dim [linkage] (string) 'closest', 'single', 'average', 'complete', 'centroid', 'ward', and 'neighf' (last for SOM only) default is 'centroid' [neigh] (string) 'kNN' or 'Nk' (which is valid for a SOM only)
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Unformatted text preview: for example '6NN' or 'N1' default is '10NN' for a data set and 'N1' for SOM (matrix) 0/1 matrix of size size n x n, 1=connection exists [ignore] (vector) indeces of vectors to be ignored in the spreading phase, empty vector by default base (vector) size n x 1, cluster indeces (1. ..c) seed (vector) size c x 1, indeces of seed units for the clusters See also SOM_NEIGHBORS, KMEANS_CLUSTERS, SOM_DMATMINIMA. [ SOM Toolbox online doc ]...
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