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SOM Toolbox Online documentation som_dreval [sig,cm,truex,truey] = som_dreval(sR,D,sigmea,inds1,inds2,andor) SOM_DREVAL Evaluate the significance of the given descriptive rule. [sig,Cm,truex,truey] = som_dreval(cR,D,sigmea,[inds1],[inds2],[andor]) sR (struct) a rule struct, or an array of rule structs D (matrix) the data, of size [dlen x nr] sigmea (string) significance measure ('accuracy','accuracyI','mutuconf'), see definitions below [inds1] (vector) indeces belonging to the group (by default: the whole data set) [inds2] (vector) indeces belonging to the contrast group (by default: the rest of the data set) [andor] (string) 'and' or 'or': which conjunction operator to use to join the rules for each variable
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Unformatted text preview: sig (scalar) significance of the rule cm (vector) length 4, vectorized confusion matrix ([a,c,b,d]: see below) truex (vector) binary vector indicating for each item in the group whether it was true or not truey (vector) binary vector indicating for each item in the contrast group whether it was true or not Descriptive rule significance is measured as the match between the given groups (inds1 = G1, inds2 = G2) and the rule being true or false. G1 G2 --------------- accuracy = (a+d) / (a+b+c+d) true | a | b | |-------------- mutuconf = a*a / ((a+b)(a+c)) false | c | d | --------------- accuracyI = a / (a+b+c) See also SOM_DRSIGNIF, SOM_DRMAKE. [ SOM Toolbox online doc ]...
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