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SOM Toolbox Online documentation som_drsignif sig = som_drsignif(sigmea,Cm) SOM_DRSIGNIF Significance measure from confusion matrix between two clusters and a rule. sig = som_drsignif(sigmea,Cm) sigmea (string) significance measure: 'accuracy', 'mutuconf' (default), or 'accuracyI'. (See definitions below). Cn Vectorized confusion matrix, or a matrix of such vectors. (vector) [a, c, b, d] (see below) (matrix) [[a1,c1,b1,d1], .
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Unformatted text preview: .., [an,cn,bn,dn]] sig (vector) length=n, significance values The confusion matrix Cm below between group (G) and contrast group (not G) and rule (true - false) is used to determine the significance values: G not G --------------- accuracy = (a+d) / (a+b+c+d) true | a | b | |-------------- mutuconf = a*a / ((a+b)(a+c)) false | c | d | --------------- accuracyI = a / (a+b+c) See also SOM_DREVAL, SOM_DRMAKE. [ SOM Toolbox online doc ]...
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