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som_gapindex - [between(vector indices of prototypes which...

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SOM Toolbox Online documentation http://www.cis.hut.fi/projects/somtoolbox/ som_gapindex [t,r,Cd,S] = som_gapindex(sM, base, between) SOM_GAPINDEX Gap clustering evaluation index. [t,r] = som_gapindex(sM, base, [between]) Input and output arguments ([]'s are optional): sM (struct) map struct base (vector) clusters indeces for each map unit, map units with index<=0 or NaN are not taken into account
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Unformatted text preview: [between] (vector) indices of prototypes which are "between" clusters: the associated distances are doubled t (scalar) Gap index index for the clustering (=mean(r)) r (vector) maximum Gap index for each cluster (size max(base) x 1) See also SOM_KMEANS, KMEANS_CLUSTERS, SOM_GAPINDEX. [ SOM Toolbox online doc ]...
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