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SOM Toolbox Online documentation som_grid Purpose To visualize the SOM grid in various ways Syntax [sGrid,m,l,t,s]=som_grid(sGrid) [sGrid,m,l,t,s]=som_grid(sTopol) [sGrid,m,l,t,s]=som_grid(sMap) [sGrid,m,l,t,s]=som_grid({lattice, msize, [shape]}) [sGrid,m,l,t,s]=som_grid(lattice, msize) [sGrid,m,l,t,s]=som_grid(. .., ['argID', value, . ..]) Description The SOM can be defined as a set of units (neurons) and their topological relations. This function is used to visualize these in various ways. The units may be drawn using different markers and colors, in different sizes and in different locations in 2D or 3D. However the topological neighborhood is limited to be 2-dimensional. The connections between these units may be drawn using lines having different thicknesses and colors. Labeling text may be plotted on the units. It is possible also to draw a surface between the units. The surface coloring is either indexed (one value per unit) or fixed RGB (a 1x3 RGB triple per unit). Required input arguments Note: M is the number of map units. The first (or first two) argument may have various different types of values 1. sGrid (struct) som_grid struct (the output of this function) The struct initiates the visualization. The argID-value -pairs are used to alter the initiation. Following argument types may be used to give the topology for the grid 2. sTopol (struct) som_topol struct 3. sMap (struct) som_map struct (only topology matters) 4. {lattice, msize} or {lattice, msize, sheet} (cell array) - lattice must be 'hexa' or 'rect' - msize must be a 1x2 vector
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- shape (if specified) must be string 'sheet', 'cyl' or 'toroid' If shape is not given it is 'sheet' by default. 5. lattice (string or matrix) AND msize (1x2 vector) as two separate arguments
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som_grid - SOM Toolbox Online documentation

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