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Help SOM Toolbox -- Initialization & Training GUI Purpose A graphical user interface for initialization and training of Self-Organizing Maps. Syntax som_gui([sD]) Optional input arguments sD Training data. (struct) data struct (matrix) data matrix, size [dlen dim] Help Topics Introduction What is ? Load data Load data. From workspace From file Preprocess data Preprocess Initialize map Change default values Initialize Train map Change default values Train Save trained map Save map Visualize map Visualize map Restart from the beginning Restart Close Close Main window Main window Help GUI help. More information about SOM and SOM Toolbox.
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Introduction is Graphigal User Interface for initializating and training SOM. It is based on matlab functions in Somtoolbox vs.2. Loading the data set You can load the data set from main window by pushing the button LOAD DATA in upper left corner of window or by selecting Load Data from menu Load/Save . When the button is pushed or menu is selected, then the Load GUI is activated, see figure below. Data can be loaded from workspace or from the file. Select the radiobutton Workspace if you want to load data from workspace or select radiobutton File if you want to load data from file. If you selected File then select the appropriate file type from popupmenu, you can choose either dat file (SOMPAK format) or mat file , which is ordinary matlab .mat file . Write the name of data in upper editfield if you have chosen workspace or write the file name in another editfield below that. You can also push button Browse and then you see all the choises that you have in browse window or in workspace window. After that press button Load and selected data will be loaded and Load GUI disapear and control return back to Main GUI. Note that there is also one checkbox called Missing value char and one empty field related to that. If you select File and after that file type
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som_gui - Help SOM Toolbox - Initialization & Training...

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