TAM212SampleExam1 - =75 degrees. It also reports that dr/dt...

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TAM 212 Sample Exam number 1, Chapter 1; Monday Sept 13, 2004 . Closed Book; No Calculators. Allowed: Both sides of one 3"x5"'crib' card. 1] A particle increases its speed along its path at a uniform rate of 1m/sec 2 from its original position at rest at point A. Its path is straight for 8 meters and parabolic thereafter. Find the speed at B. Also find the magnitude of its acceleration vector | a | immediately after entering the curved section at B. Note that its speed is still increasing after the particle passes B. 2] A low flying airplane is being tracked by radar which reports the time history r(t) and θ (t). At the moment pictured the radar indicates that r=1000m and
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Unformatted text preview: =75 degrees. It also reports that dr/dt = 40m/sec; d 2 r/dt 2 = 28m/sec 2 ; d /dt =-0.15 radians/second; and d 2 /dt 2 = 0.01 radians/sec 2 . Recall i = e r cos -e sin ; j = e r sin + e cos ; At this moment: What is the horizontal component of the velocity of the airplane? What is the magnitude | a | of the acceleration of the airplane? 3] A 5m long stick that retains contact with the wall at A, and the floor at B, is moving to the right and up. At the pictured instant point B is moving at the constant speed of 1m/sec to the right. What is the speed of A? What is the acceleration of A?...
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TAM212SampleExam1 - =75 degrees. It also reports that dr/dt...

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