Ethnic Groups and Discrimination

Ethnic Groups and Discrimination - 1 Irish Immigration...

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1 Irish Immigration Ethnic Groups and Discrimination Sandra Swartzwelder ETH/125 May 2, 2010 Daniel Semrau
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2 Irish Immigration The ethnic group with which I most identify with is Irish. The Irish immigrated to the United States thinking that the chance of a better life in America was better than staying in Ireland, which at the time was full of poverty and famine, caused in part by the potato crop failure. As the boats full of Irish docked, the Irish soon learned that no group was considered as low in the eyes of an American as the Irish were considered. But the Irish stood their ground through the early hardships they experienced, including prejudice and segregation. The Irish were not prejudiced against because of their race, but rather for their religion. Many of the Irish immigrants were Roman Catholic, a religion that most Americans did not agree with or understand. Since the religion was not understood, violence against those who practiced it was taken. However, the violence was not taken lightly, as the Irish began to fight back. When violence was used against them or their church, they retaliated with violence. As those who were perpetrating the violence on the churches, such as the burning of Catholic Churches in many states, realized that the Irish were fighting back, the burning of the churches
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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination - 1 Irish Immigration...

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