Defining Race and Ethnicity

Defining Race and Ethnicity - We are the United States, and...

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Defining Race and Ethnicity To me, race is the color or physical appearance of a person. Ethnicity is the cultural background a person comes from. I think that it is very important for society to have a mixture of every race and ethnicity. If society consisted of one race or one ethnicity, we would not have any cultural value. Taking advantage and learning about different cultures is also very important in today’s society. I cannot differentiate a person’s heritage or ethnicity by looking at them because I was raised to believe that everyone was equal. Color and background were always irrelevant. But not everyone was raised with the same views, so many can differentiate a background just by looking at a person. Learning more about different races and ethnic backgrounds is very interesting to me, and society as a whole should also learn rather than discriminate.
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Unformatted text preview: We are the United States, and the word United is there for a reason. Learning about different cultures and ways of life is very important in shaping the way our society thinks. I will use the attack of the World Trade Center as an example. When the attack first happened, sadness turned into anger, which is understandable. An extremist group had attacked our home, and ruined our sense of security. After the attack, some blamed everyone of Islamic decent just because of their heritage. Not every Islam is responsible for the acts of the Taliban. If we, as a society, take into account that not all people of a certain ethnic background are responsible for the acts of a few, the world would be a better place. Sandra Swartzwelder...
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