Student Survival Guide - final for gen105 got an A-

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Student Survival Guide Throughout this course I have learned so much. From learning what distance learning is to developing my multiple intelligences? What I have learned will help me to be successful in receiving my degree and making a better life for my children and myself. My student survival guide will map out what I have learned with details so I will have this as a resource throughout my courses. 1. Using Axia’s Education Resources. Axia makes learning available in many different ways. I can download appendixes and digital stories to a laptop, MP3 player, or even your cell phone if it is equipped. The appendixes and digital stories are also available in text form. I found it easier to retain the information when I would read along with the digital story. This helps to keep me focused. Axia has their own University Library. This library has a lot of educational information and it is easily navigated. There is a search bar if you are looking for something specific. There is also a list of links for books, articles, and databases. If you are having a problem, you can always ask a librarian for assistance. When searching article’s you can search for key information by using keywords. You can use one specific word or a group of words to find what you are looking for. 2. Upholding Academic Honesty I easily understood the academic honesty policy as it is clear and to the point. No cheating, lying, or stealing will be tolerated. The consequences of plagiarism can go from suspension to being expelled. To
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This note was uploaded on 05/27/2010 for the course GEN 105 GEN 105 taught by Professor Jamessmalls during the Winter '09 term at University of Phoenix.

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Student Survival Guide - final for gen105 got an A-

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