ass 3 - STAT 3504 Assignment #3 Approx 100 marks DUE:...

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STAT 3504 Assignment #3 Approx 100 marks DUE: Monday, February 22 Use SAS to help you do the following questions. Hand in a copy of BOTH code and output. Remember to put a FOOTNOTE statement with you name and student number at the beginning of your program. 1. #3 on Assignment 2 Continued For problem #18.17 in your text the data is in the data disk that comes with your text under the file name ch18pr17.dat It is also in stat3504a\ch18pr17.dat column 1 = response, column 2 = factor level (winding speeds), column 3 = observation number In an experiment to study the effect of the speed of winding thread (1: slow, 2: normal, 3:fast, 4:maximum) onto 75-yard spools, 16 runs of 10,000 spools each were made at each of the 4 winding speeds. The response variable is the number of thread breaks during the production run. The results (in time order) are as given in the data set. a) Prepare residual sequence plots (see code on Lab 3 handout). What are your conclusions? b) For each winding speed, examine the three relations given in class involving the factor level means, variances & standard deviations (also given in the table on p791 of your text), and determine the transformation that would be most appropriate. Explain why you chose this transformation. Do by hand and show your work using the values printed out for #3(c) of assignment 2 . Using the transformation (Y) = Y ln c) Obtain side-by-side box plots for the factor levels. Do these show any obvious outliers? d) For each factor level, have the fitted value and the standard deviation printed out. Are the standard deviations fairly similar for all winding speeds? e)
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ass 3 - STAT 3504 Assignment #3 Approx 100 marks DUE:...

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