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STAT 3504 Assignment #5 DUE: Wednesday, March 31 approx. 60 marks 1. Text #21.2(a) 2. For problem #21.5 in your text (Do by hand) a) Why do you think the blocking variable "time elapsed since college graduation" was used? b) Give the model for this experiment, giving all assumptions, etc . c) Assuming no serious assumption violations, and given that SSTO = 1840.7, set up the ANOVA table and test whether the mean proficiency differs for the 3 training methods. Use α = .01. d) If appropriate, carry out all pairwise comparisons between the 3 training method means. Use α = .01. Summarize your results in words. e) What is the relative efficiency of the RBD in this case?
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Unformatted text preview: Would you recommend using the same blocks in a future experiment? Explain. f) Use SAS to check your results from parts (c) and (d). Data in: z:\STAT3504A\ch21pr05.dat 3. For the study of #24.9 p1023 in your text use SAS to help you do the following questions. The data is in z:\STAT3504A\ch24pr09.dat a) Assume there are no serious assumption violations and obtain the analysis of variance table. b) Carry out all appropriate tests for factor effects. Use = .01 c) Use the Kimball inequality to obtain an upper bound for the family level of significance of all the tests in (b)....
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