XBIS 219 Individual Assignment Club IT Part Two

XBIS 219 Individual Assignment Club IT Part Two - Club IT...

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Club IT II 1 Club IT part 2 Ann Tracy XBIS/219 May, 09 2010 Gregory Ellis
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Club IT II 2 Club IT, Part Two Club IT is moving forward on updating the organization with the application of current information technology to help the entertainment business competitiveness. With the ongoing and planned changes in the business processes, the Club IT will surely expect to gain over the advantages offered by the technology. Information technology applications have lots to offer that can help facilitation of any business processes. Data processing, business transactions, communication and establishing connection with consumers, business partners, suppliers or tiers are expected to be faster and more efficient. Amidst the pros from the modernized information technologies, there are also some cons and problems expected to be encountered by Club IT. Club IT has links to different resources. Digital music products and human musicians play key roles in delivering services critical to keep the business running. Customers come to the club for entertainment to enjoy with the music played from MP3 or by live performances. Customers dance along with the beat of the music and socialize with friends and new acquaintances. Drinks and refreshments of course are important resources that complete the fun from the services offered by the entertainment facility. Other products such as t-shirts, mugs, and other memorabilia from the club are other resources adding to the club’s revenue. The resources that keep the Club IT running involve different suppliers that require digital as well as physical goods delivery. Digital music products are on top of the list of the products within the digital supply chain. The drinks, foods, and most of the items on sale comprise the resources linked to
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XBIS 219 Individual Assignment Club IT Part Two - Club IT...

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