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Unformatted text preview: ENGLISH 2110: WORLD LITERATURE A Course in the General Education Program Program Description: The General Education Program offers a solid, comprehensive foundational academic experience for all Kennesaw State University students. In a series of interrelated courses in the liberal arts and sciences, it provides the opportunity for them to acquire the intellectual skills and knowledge characteristic of educated persons in a diverse, global community. Thus, it lays the basis for success in academic, professional, and personal arenas. Whereas the major program contributes depth to a college education in a designated specialization, the General Education Program provides breadth of understanding by introducing, connecting, and integrating a variety of disciplines. Program Goals: The General Education Program at KSU has four goals. During the course of the program, students should demonstrate the following: knowledge and understanding in the General Education areas: Humanities, Fine Arts, Science, Mathematics, Technology, Social Science, and the Essential Skills (written and quantitative skills) proficiency in communication skills in inquiry, critical thinking, and problem solving through scholarly and/or creative activity across the general education disciplines an understanding of ethics, diversity, and a global perspective. Course Description: This course is a survey of world literature which explores human experience by examining diverse aesthetic and cultural perspectives from ancient to modern times. ENGL2110 Denise C. White, Lecturer Office: EB075 Email: [email protected] [email protected] WEB: Office Hours: I do not hold office hours during the summer, but Iif you need to see me, please ask. I also encourage you to email me with any questions you might have, as I check email several times during the day and can quickly help with any questions/problems you might be having. I will generally reply within 4 hours. However, if you send me an email after 8:00 p.m., I will reply to your message early the next morning. Academic Integrity Statement Every KSU student is responsible for upholding the provisions of the Student code of Conduct, as published in the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs . Section 11 of the Student Code of Conduct addresses the University's policy on academic honesty, including provisions regarding plagiarism and cheating, unauthorized access to University materials, misrepresentation/falsification of University records or academic work, malicious removal, retention, or destruction of library materials, malicious/intentional misuse of computer facilities and/or services, and misuse of student identification cards. Incidents of alleged academic misconduct will be handled through the established procedures of the University Judiciary Program, which includes either an "informal" resolution by a faculty member, resulting in a grade adjustment, or a formal hearing procedure, which may subject a student to the Code of conduct's minimum one semester suspension requirement. I adhere to all of KSU's official policies regarding Student Rights and Responsibilities. Please read this document, as it contains important information about your rights and the expectations of the University with regard to conduct. Please let me know as soon as possible if you have special needs that I can help with. Required Texts: Hosseini, Khaled. The Kite Runner. New York: Riverhead, 2003. Lawall, Sarah (General Ed.) et al. The Norton Anthology of World Literature Second Edition. Package 1 (Vols. A, B, C): Beginnings to 1650 0-393-97764-1 Package 2 (Vols. D, E, F): 1650 to the Present 0-393-97765-X Grading policy: All work will be graded on the following grading scale: A=90-100 B=80-89 C=70-79 D=60-69 F=below 60 Grade Breakdown: Exam #1: 25% Exam #2: 25% Final Exam: 25% Quizzes ([email protected]% each): 25% (there will be extra quizzes so you will be able to drop a few of the lowest grades) **The time to be concerned about your final grade begins on the first day of class. I do not negotiate or inflate grades, so please do not ask. ** Quizzes will be given at the beginning of class and will consist of 5 short answer questions directly related to the reading for that day. No make-ups will be given, nor will you be able to take the quiz if you are late. Please plan to be in class on time and ready to begin. **Quizzes will count as a total of 25% of your grade, so be sure to do your reading before class!** Exams will consist of multiple choice questions based on quotations from the texts and one essay (from a choice of 3). The final exam will include material covered since Exam # 2 and will be multiple choice questions and a take home longer essay that will cover material and themes from the entire term. The take home exam is due at the beginning of the final exam period. No extra credit or extra points will be given. No exceptions!! **READ YOUR ASSIGNMENTS AND COME TO CLASS--IN THAT ORDER, PLEASE!! DO NOT COME TO CLASS WITHOUT YOUR BOOK--IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DISCUSS A READING WHEN YOU DO NOT HAVE A TEXT IN FRONT OF YOU! Reading and Assignment Schedule: 5/26--introduction to course 5/31--NO CLASS MEETING--MEMORIAL DAY HOLIDAY 6/2--Epic of Gilgamesh; Homer, Odyssey books V-XI 6/7--Odyssey books XII-XXIV; Plato The Apology of Socrates 6/9--Bhagavad-Gita; Ramayana 6/14--Exam #1; Conference of the Birds 6/16--1001 Nights; Shhnme 6/21--Song of Roland; Dante Inferno Cantos 1-14 6/23--Dante Alighieri The Divine Comedy, Inferno Cantos 15-34; Sir Gawain and the Green Knight 6/28--Exam #2; The Mali Epic of Son-Jara 6/30--Miguel de Cervantes Don Quixote; Monkey 7/5--NO CLASS MEETING--INDEPENDENCE DAY HOLIDAY 7/7--Milton Paradise Lost 7/12--Kafka The Metamorphoses; Leo Tolstoy The Death of Ivan Ilyich 7/14--Faulkner The Bear 7/19--Hosseini The Kite Runner pp. 1-189 7/21--Hosseini The Kite Runner pp. 190-end 7/26--Final Exam in class at the usual time ...
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