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BILD 18 Syllabus

BILD 18 Syllabus - Mandatory Video Presentations(these are...

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Syllabus BILD 18 TA: Sang Hwang Email: [email protected] OH: Thursday 5-6 pm @ Hi Thai Lounge Section: Friday 12-1 pm Grading: Class is out of 600 points with 200 points being dropped. Section is worth 100 points and any extra you get in section gets transferred to your lecture quiz grade. Quizzes (5) 8 points each Letter to the editor (3 max) 5 points each Letter to govt. rep. (3 max) 5 points each Video Reports 4 points each Oral Report (1 max) 10 minutes 10 points Papers (3 max) 5 for 1 pg, 10 for 2 pg Extra Stuff: 1) Seminars Reports seminars will be announced throughout the class and if you attend, sign in, and turn in a brief paragraph summarizing the seminar you’ll get 4 points each 2) 4 points for registering to vote (sorry to those who are already registered) 3) Earth Day (4 points/hour) 4) Various other extra credit opportunities will be available throughout the class
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Unformatted text preview: Mandatory Video Presentations: (these are all on reserve at the library in the Arts Reserve) Week 1 An Inconvenient Truth: A Global Warming 2 Journey to Planet Earth: State of the Planet 3 The Power of Community – How Cuba Survived Peak Oil 4 Farming the Sea 6 Sicko 7 The Price of Bounty 8 The Real Eve 9 Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election Additional Videos on Reserve are the ones you get points for a video report. Grading Policy: Remember that you have the option of dropping 200 points in this class because its out of 600 and only 400 is counted so if you have the grade you want after the 2 nd midterm, you don’t have to take the final. Grading Component Midterms (2) 5/7/10 and 6/4/10 100 200 Lecture Quizzes 100 100 Section Grade 100 100 Final 6/10/10 11:30am - 3pm 200 200 Each Total...
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