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Bild 18 - Week 2

Bild 18 - Week 2 - Week 2 Handout Pollution to Error is...

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Week 2 Handout 4/5/10 Pollution to Error is Human What is a Pollutant Any chemical that is not where it is wanted Toxic chemicals like pesticides or caustic chemicals Also benign compounds like carbon dioxide Present Situation We need to fix this, it is human error in polluting. It needs to be fixed. Anthopogenic pollution is dangerous, millions of people have died and will die. It is not good enough to assume that science and industry know all the best answers. Politics is the variable here. Special interests trumps environmental situations. Ex: CA vehicle emission standards disallowed by EPA. Alternatives to Pollution Situation Stay the course and ignore the warning Stop using all man-made chemicals Become better educated and act on that information to reduce pollution Discuss pros/cons of each If we stay the course, future generations will suffer. If we stop using all man-made chemicals, life will become harsher and chaotic
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If we educate ourselves, it is possible to recognize that these problems are man-made not inevitable so we can take appropriate action. This means making hard choices backed up with hard work. Learning how to accurately assess pollution hazards Understand how chemicals affect biological systems Interactions of Chemical with biological systems Synergism – 2 or more chemicals interact to produce unanticipated results like asthma Inability to accurately measure levels of chemicals that are active: steroids Inability to accurately observe effects of chemicals Biomagnification of chemicals Inability to test chemicals on humans Inability to understand how a chemical is modified in a complex environment. GRAS generally recognized as safe. It is contained in lots of our foods. Most biologically active chemicals exist in many isomeric forms, activity of which can vary.
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