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Bild 18 - Week 3

Bild 18 - Week 3 - Week 3 Handout Marjorie Cohn What are...

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Week 3 Handout 4/12/10 Marjorie Cohn What are the parallels between the Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan Wars? They are illegal wars that violate the UN charter that says that no country may invade another unless in defense or with approval of UN security council War crimes have been committed. The rules of engagement govern the use of force and when you can shoot or not During the Vietnam war, there were “free fire zones” where soldiers were allowed to shoot at anything My Lai Massacre: village where about 300 civilians were killed. Journalists uncovered the story and led to opposition against the war. Was and example of war crimes. Also an example of just doing as you’re told. Was covered up by government. Troops returned from the Vietnam War with sever Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and there were high numbers of suicide Agent Orange – 12 % of the land was sprayed. Effects: o Destroyed trees and bushes in order to eliminate the hiding spots of enemy in forest o Dangerous chemical that still has its effects felt today. Leads to high rate of cancer, heart/lung problems, and birth defects. Pollution and destruction of environment. Hotspots still remain 2.5 million exposed to the chemicals. Manufacturers defense was that it was foreseeable yet not intended. (BIONETICS STUDY) There were eye witness testimonies that described the consequences of agent orange (birth defects) o The tribunal concluded that US committed war crimes in Vietnam.
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