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Week 4 Handout Lecture 10. Monday, April 19 th Janeen Simon—Reproductive Health South of the Border W.I.N.G.S. at Work Woman’s International Network for Guatemala Solutions --Guatemalan Background o South of Mexico / Second largest country in Central America o Agricultural dominated economy a. Sugar cane and beef are Guatemala’s main exports o A 36 year long civil war ranged from 1960 to 1996 a. This caused a developmental lag in government b. No investment in social infrastructure o Weak Government a. Unable to pull citizens out of poverty b. High murder rate, crimes, and gangs c. Corruption within government o Ethnic Split between indigenous Guatemalans and Latinos a. 23 distinct ethnic groups make up the indigenous o Male dominated society. Women get oppressed. o Highly catholic community a. opposes family planning o Less developed countries such as Guatemala have extreme population growth a. more poverty, malnutrition, and a lack of education b. Guatemalan population is expected to double in 40 years i. 40% of population is under 15 ii. 75% of population is under 35 (reproductive age) --WINGS interest in Guatemala o Goal of the organization is to improve Guatemalan family life through the implementation of family planning o Guatemala has the 2 nd highest maternal mortality rate and the highest fertility rate in Latin America. a. Average 3.47 children per family i. average of 8 children per family in the poorest 20% ii. 50% of women become pregnant as a teenager o Only 34% of women use modern family planning methods a. Therefore there is a high amount of unwanted pregnancy i. High mortality rate due to illegal abortions o Over 50% of children under 5 are malnourished a. 3 rd in the world b. Malnurishment stunts proper development in these children c. Weak government in unable to handle the problem --WINGS family planning o Education talks in group settings and individual counseling raise awareness about family planning
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a. Trained indigenous women are used to give talks o Subsidization of family planning methods a. 6 stationary and 3 mobile clinics that perform cheap sterility operations b. Family planning promoters distribute pregnancy pills and condoms o Cervical cancer detection and treatment a. deadliest cancers amongst Guatemalan women i. only 40% of women get screenings b. same day detection and treatment using VIA/Cryo method i. acid reveals legions, which are removed by freezing o Youth WINGS is a new program which trains young adults to provide information to their peers about family planning. a. peer educators distribute condoms b. 135 trained peer educators c. Enables education to extend to rural areas o WINGS for Men was created because many men wont go to family workshops and usually will about talking about reproductive help a. Ways in which WINGS reaches out to Guatemalan men: i. Peer Educators ii. Mass Media Campaign iii. Training health service providers to encourage male patients to not be ashamed to ask for condoms o There are laws in Guatemala stating that everyone should
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Bild 18 - Week 4 - Week 4 Handout Lecture 10 Monday April...

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