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Bild 18 - Week 5 - Week 5 Notes Tom English - National...

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Tom English - National Security and Species Extinction - Causes and Precursors to War o Rapid Population change o Big migrations o Economic Distress - Endangered species o Ex: Peregrin Falcon/ sea otter o Mass extinctions Ex: Permian extinction and K-T extinctions - Present: As it stands now there are 1.4 million living species o 99% of all species are extinct (~1 species extinct every 4 years) o Current extinction rate: 8000 species/year (~1 species/hr) 32000x increase compared with background rate - Why? HIPPO o H abitat o I nvasive species o P ollution o P opulation o O verharvesting - Rain Forest Destruction o 2% lost each year All will be gone in ~50 years o 25% of all species in tropical rain forest Many of them are endemic to the area = only live in that specific place - Effect of species extinction o Ecosystem and food chains are greatly affected and can have a much greater impact on other species (including humans) - Future: o Mexico: water and forests declared national security issues Deforestation damaging to national wealth o US Senate press conference on protection of Arctic National Wildlife Refuge o San Diego: endangered species hot spot 29 plants 9 invertebrates 6 amphibian/reptiles 8 mammals 25 birds o Why? Many climatic zones
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Bild 18 - Week 5 - Week 5 Notes Tom English - National...

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