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Bild 18 - Week 6 - Week 6 Roberta Huxley College of the...

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Week 6 5/3/10 Roberta - Huxley College of the Environment (first one). Located at Western Washington University Next year population - 7 billion 12 billion by 2050 if women are not educated and empowered. NGO - Non Governmental Organization. Soon to organize to talk about population. The following notes may be a bit random. Professor Riley presented a group activity so the notes aren’t really lecture style. Saudi Arabia - 1963 teenager girl gets scholarship to study in US. Link human rights values with cultural norms of religions. UNFPA - United Nations Fund for Population Action. Provide women healthcare and promote rights of women in 150 countries. Work with NGOs to do this. World’s largest source of population assistance. Provides contraceptives to 500 million women around the world. Today over 200 million women do not have access to safe contraceptives. Madam undersecretary General - maintain Cairo. Catholic hospitals do not supply contraception. Fishtala? Min - Pope - Religious organization with official state at UN. Advisors warn that other countries ignore teachings. Contraceptives put church teachings at risk. Against contraceptive use. Consult with poor countries. Catholic hospitals in developing world. Dustin - President of poor country. Danial Ortega (Nicaragua). Average women has 6 children. Westerners invade with contraceptives. Westerners cause global warming with their SUVs. Undeveloped countries account for 3% of carbon footprint. Abandons women support and goes with pope and states that if he wins reelection he will make abortion illegal. Damon - Maxwell Smart. President of NGO Global Science Institute. Healthy and sustainable environment mission. 8bil=survival, 12bil=extinction. Coercive measures backfire. Feminzation of fish - a phenomenon that blames oral contraceptives released into the water cause male fish to turn female, which will decrease fish population and starve the population. Roger - President of rich westen country. High standard of living. Conservatives - birth rates falling. Soon there will not be enough workers to support older population. Face immigration. Basic Facts: Average women could become pregnant 12-15 times in her life. Reproduction is fundamental human right UN - 179 countries pledge family planning, decrease in STDs
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How do 8 billion people live healthy, sustainable lives on earth? To address population, need a coalition Politics make strange bedfellows - odd coalitions form to reach justice Movie - Liberia - Pray the story back to hell . Strange bedfellows: Christian women and Muslim women make coalition - refuse sex.
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Bild 18 - Week 6 - Week 6 Roberta Huxley College of the...

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