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15 Beyond Pink and Blue Key Terms and Concepts o SRY gene o Estrogens o H- Y antigen o Alpha- fetoprotein o Primordial gonad o Sensitive period o Testes o Sexual differentiation o Mullerian- inhibiting substance o Homosexuality o Testosterone o Hypothalamus o Dihydrotestosterone o Third interstitial nucleus o Penis o Congenital adrenal hyperplasia o Scrotum o Diethylstilbestrol o Genital tubercle o Androgen insensitivity syndrome o Gene expression o Gonadotropins o Ovaries o Luteinizing hormone o Clitoris o Follicle stimulating hormone o Labia o Gonadotropin releasing hormone o Estradiol o Mullerian system o Organizational effects o Wolffian system Lesson 15 173
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We will begin this section by looking at some processes involved in the development of males and females. An individual is phenotypically neither male nor female in the early stages of development. Later, individuals take on the phenotypic characteristics that are typical of males or of females of their species. A Tragic Story In 1967, twin boys were born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Everything was going just fine until their parents brought them back to the hospital to have the boys circumcised. The physician, who was relatively inexperienced with the procedure, botched it on the first boy, resulting in almost complete destruction of the boy’s penis. The parents were terribly distraught, and began searching for help in dealing with this horrible problem. Basically, they had to decide whether to raise their son as a boy with a disfigurement that would be with him throughout life, or to have their boy undergo a sex-change operation and be raised as a girl. Obviously, neither choice was a desirable one, but they were eventually persuaded to take the second route by Dr. John Money of Johns Hopkins University. Money was world renowned for his research on human sexuality, especially gender identity, the feeling—no, the conviction—that most people experience of being a boy or a girl, a man or a woman. Money had reached the conclusion that gender identity was a product of one’s experiences. In other words, a child (male or female) would develop a female gender identity if he or she was reared as a girl. John Money was feeling some pressure from others in his research field and his ideas were starting to be criticized. He saw the twin boys as a way of bolstering his case. Indeed it was a perfect case. Identical twin boys came long, one of whom would be surgically altered and the other not. A boy raised as a girl who turned out to have a female gender identity while his twin brother developed a male gender identity would certainly lend support to his position. No wonder he tried to convince the parents to allow the sex change procedure. Was Money right?
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lesson15 - 15 Beyond Pink and Blue Key Terms and Concepts o...

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