Clinical - Psych 359 20:12:00 ← Deciding what is being...

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Unformatted text preview: Psych 359 01/02/2010 20:12:00 ← Deciding what is being assessed • Reason for referral • Formulate initial questions ← ← Determining the Goals • Diagnosis o What is the problem? What diagnosis does this person have, learning disability, bored in class, some form of adhd or is it some other kind of problem…this person isn’t doing well with medication and why • Severity o The intention is to find out the degree of impmairment that the problem is causing for the person. How much the problem is hurting their daily life. If someone is depressed look at bad are they depressed, jus don’t feel good, suicidal, cut themselves, etc. • Screening o Identifying presence in the problem or if someone is at request for developing it in the future. • Prediction o Trying to determine how a person may behave in the future. Judicial system, if I give you such and such years how will u act, and if I let you out of the hospital, will you be okay in the next few years. They best prediction of future behavior is past behavior. If you work in the medical field u may predict if someone gets out of the hospital if they will develop something worse....
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Clinical - Psych 359 20:12:00 ← Deciding what is being...

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