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Psychology 336 - Psychology 336 What is a Theory What do...

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Psychology 336 28/08/2008 11:32:00 What is a Theory??? What do you think? A philosophical point of view These are the 4 issues in theories of human development: Nature vs. Nurture Continuity vs. Discontinuity Active vs. Passive Chuild Effect of early experience Most people are biased toward one side or the other. Sidenote: John Locke- The blank slate (children were born a blank slate).  Nurture. There are 2 main aspects of development that theories . . . Developmental Sequences or Stages Think about the changes you went through at puberty. How much of these changes was due to: o Biological maturation and how much to environment? Is there a relationship between o Development before puberty or after puberty? How many of the changes were  o Under your control vs. external environment? Were some of the aspects of development at puberty determined by early  experiences? Individual Differences:
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Think about your personality: Activity level, sociability, and emotionality. Have you ever wondered how much is due to Heredity and how much to experience? (nature/nurture) Was your personality stable, say from childhood to adolescence? (continuity vs.  discontinuity issue) Think about your own theory of development: Which theorist do you most resemble? You may be an amalgam of different theorists.
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Psychology 336 - Psychology 336 What is a Theory What do...

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