Determinism and Freedom of the will

Determinism and Freedom of the will - incompatible. (Hence,...

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Philosopy 1101-Lecture 14 Determinism and Free Will Determinism is the belief that every even t2 that takes place on earth was predetermined by at an earlier time t1 along with the laws of Nature. There are three types of Determinists. Hard Determinist- believe in Determinism without free will Compatibilists- Believe in compatibility of Determinism and Free Will Indeterminists- a Free will with no determinism Holbach Believes in hard determinism The argument premises are as follows: 1. Determinism is true. 2. So, I am not able to do otherwise. (From 1) 3. I act freely if and only if I am able to do otherwise. 4. So, I do not act freely. (From 2, 3) Compatibilists reject premise 3, and give a different account of what it means to act freely. Indeterminists accept premise 3--both indeterminists and hard determinists believe that freedom requires that I am able to do otherwise, and that determinism and freedom are
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Unformatted text preview: incompatible. (Hence, indeterminists and determinists are sometimes grouped as incompatibilists.) However, indeterminists will deny that premise 1 is true; hence, they will deny that premise 2 of the above argument is true, since premise 2 follows from premise 1 (which indeterminists believe to be false). Two escape routes 1) Way of the compatibilist( Stace, Frankfurt)(determinism and free will are compatible) 2) Way of the indeterminist ( Chisolm, Van Inwagen) (we do have the ability to choose/ nothing consistent with determinism can be free will) Stace defines a free action : An agent acts freely just in case the immediately proceeding cause was psychological state of his. Response- The ingnues scientist who puts a chip in someone hand and makes him do stuff without...
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Determinism and Freedom of the will - incompatible. (Hence,...

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