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Unformatted text preview: ISSUE136 - "The absence of choice is a circumstance that is very, very rare." S 547 S 00:44:04 S 2009-4-12 16:54:33 Nowadays, there is a controversial issue about whether the circumstance of absence of choice is very, very rare. Due to individual experience, beliefs and emotional concern, we find that some people hold the opinion that the circumstance of absence of choice is very, very rare indeed, while others have an opposite or partially opposite attitude toward above. It is hard to say which statement above is better than the other; however, constructing a balance on the circumstance of absence of choice is rare or not is not only important but also necessary. The final judgment, in my eyes, should depend on a case by case analysis that lists as below. First and foremost, the chief problem with this incident is how we define the circumstance of absence of choice. Let's bring our discussion here to a more present and practical context. On one hand, if a man wants to suicide for many bad things that he suffered, he may think the circumstance...
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