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Unformatted text preview: 1306 3 01:18:36 3 2009-4-11 15:03:35 I found the speaker's dual claim to be suspicious on both counts. The claim that is an over-statement at best. And the claim that is poorly support by empirical evidence. ----------------------Though I fundamentally agree that It is unwarranted to expand this broad assertion to embrace Therefore, my conclusion toward this opinion is that it is necessary to ----------------------***? To certain extent, I agree with the statement's general assertion that Nevertheless, the statement unnecessarily extends this broad assertion to an irreversible extreme while overlooks other compelling factors that may affect this issue On balance, my points of agreement and contention with the author involve the fundamental and deep analysis as discussed below. ----------------------Nowadays, there is a public controversial issue about whether Due to individual experience, beliefs, and emotional concern, we may find that some people hold the opinion that while others have an opposite or partially opposite attitude. To agree or disagree with it is a matt of balancing between its pros an cons, but is one has considered the following perspectives, he/she could only agree with the former/later as I do ------------------------------There is public controversy now is concerning the issue Well, some argue that Others on the other hand that As far as I am concern ------------------------**? In my point of view, the speaker unfaily generalized In some areas However, in other areas particularly In still other areas such as The situation various from case to case. --------------------------The discussion of this issue among individual and in society as a whole has come into vague during the last decade. People's opinions are divergent on such a complex and controversial issue. The author declares that However, it oversimplified this topic, the final judgment, in my point of view, should depend on a case by case analysis. --------------------------There is a universally accepted opinion that which is accordance with what the author asserted. At the first glance, this opinion seems to be some what appealing, but further reflection tells me that I cannot agree with this paradoxical result for the following reasons. ----------------------------There are two sides to every icon. We may find that some people hold the opinion that While others have an opposite or partially opposite attitude. It is hard to conclude which statement above is better than the other, however, constructing a balance on is not only important but also necessary. ------------------------------The statement raises a variety of issue about On balance, however, I fundamentally agree with the notion that *** seems clearly to be the litmus test for __________________ __________________| First and foremost, at the risk of sounding too simplistic, my main proposition for this issue can be summarized in one saying that every coins have two side. What's more, I approve the statement that without reservations in respect that As a consequence, it is imperative that Let's bring our discussion to a more present and practical context, it can be given a concrete example Meanwhile, according to a recent survey, we can estimate that From the personal perspective, another essential factor why I advocate *** relates to ***. No one can deny the fact that** Moving to wider themes that History is replete with evidence to illustrate this point. A notable case in points is that By same token / Similarly However, we should concede that despite the merits of *** mentioned above, it is undisputed that overextended *** will be counterproductive, even harmful. The harm it produce is, in my view, both palpable and profound. For *** , it may promote the tendency that To successfully curb such unfavorable trends, several efficacious steps should be taken into consideration seriously in course. In the first place, we should appeal to the government to work out relevant regulation to In the second place, we should cultivate and enhance people's awareness that In the third place, we should pour more investment into __________________________________ -------------------------------------------------------------------On the one hand, I would like to admit that this statement, although suffers from some obvious drawbacks, has some merits primarily in some special case in which the implicit rationale behind it accords with common sense and our experience in daily life. Hence, it is partially indisputable. After all Even id, In other words Furthermore, All these evidence demonstrate beyond any doubt that On the other hand, recognizing that a more applicable choice must incorporate different aspects of this issue as sufficient as possible, I have to point out that the author overstates comparative significance and fail to take into account other essential factors In short, this assertion is problematic in two aspects. The first argument - the one I think the most compelling - is that the author overlooked, that is to say, The second argument - it might have been noticed by others - is that in some occasion, it is quite difficult to Accordingly, I tend to concede that when it comes to some certain circumstances it is partially appropriate. ---------------------------- -----------------------The chief reason why I generally agree/disagree with the statement is that To illustrate this, there is an appropriate example that is very persuasive . In short, even though there are may different views, concerning this topic, in part, I still would like to say that Besides, the further reason that must taken into consideration is that An instance can give the details of this argument So, as far as I am concerned, *** is a wise action. Finally, as a maxim says, "Everything has two sides". Although I admit that there are a couple of advantages of it are more obvious. Such as This demonstrates that we have no complete evidence to suggest that *** is always better than *** If all the factors above are considered, we will find out that the advantages of *** overweigh those of ***. ______________________ __________________________ _________________________________ In sum, when it come to whether ****, the key determinant is not ****, but rather some other factors, such as ****. While reasonable people with differing political and social viewpoint might disagree about ***. In my observation *** In the final analysis, I fundamentally disagree with both aspects of the speaker's claim In sum, both A and B are very important in the study of , and only through the research work based on these two groups can get the complete information ***. From what I have discussed above, we may safely com to the conclusion that **. Not only because but also due to The final judgment should depend on a case by case analysis. In conclusion, issue of *** is a complex one, requiring subjective judgment, consequently, there are no easy or certain answers. So different are the personal experiences and emotional concern among people with diverse culture that thousand individuals might hold thousand opinions. Admittedly, determining whether something should or should not be done could be weighted in may aspects. Different people have different answers due to their respective point of view. According to me, --------------------------------------------------------------------------- indicate; reveal; confirm; reflect; demonstrate; convey; imply; illustrate vital; crucial; essential; significant; profound; play a key role I guess; I suppose; I assume; I maintain that; I insist that; Personally; In my eyes; in my view; I am convinced that Issue; incident; event; occurrence heated; urgent; burning; pressing; pervasive; rampant; prevalent confront; encounter; witness controversy; debate; contend; dispute solution; approach; recipe; scheme valid; sound effectual; efficacious; potent show; indicate; convey; illustrate; justify; reflect; imply; suggest; a growing trend; in increasing number; a growing number celebrity; elite; personality (television personality); notable figures eliminate; diminish; undermine pose; render; breed burgeon; outgrowth nevertheless; whereas; howbeit; instead; conversely; notwithstanding furthermore; withal; minutely being that; owing to; in virtue of; in view of; in respect that; on account of; consequently; hence; inevitability; thereupon especially; partially; determinately; demonstrably; assuredly authentically; undoubtedly; undeniably; definitely; similarly; in like manner; likewise; analogously ...
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