2009-03-21 Sample6 - SAMPLE—Score 6 " In our...

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Unformatted text preview: SAMPLE—Score 6 " In our society, spets of all kind are highly over-rated. We need more generalists – people who can provide broad perspectives." Words: 613 Time: 00:45:00 DateA2009-3-21 14:20:38 In this era of rapid social and technological change leading to increasing life complexity and psychological displacement, both positive and negative effects among persons in Western society call for a balance in which there are both spets and generalists. spets are necessary in order to allow society as a whole to properly and usefully assimilate the masses of new information and knowledge that have come out of research and have been widely disseminated through mass global media. As the end of Pharmacology at my university once said (and I paraphrase):"I can only research what I do because there are so many who have come before me to whom I can turn for basic knowledge. It is only because of each of narrowly focused individuals at each step that a full and true understanding of the complexities of life can be...
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This note was uploaded on 05/28/2010 for the course ECONOMIC FM407 taught by Professor Kimcj during the Spring '04 term at 카이스트, 한국과학기술원.

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2009-03-21 Sample6 - SAMPLE—Score 6 " In our...

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