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2009-02-20 Issue4 - TOPIC ISSUE4"No field of study can...

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TOPIC: ISSUE4 - "No field of study can advance significantly unless outsiders bring their knowledge and experience to that field of study." WORDS: 432 TIME: 00:29:54 DATE: 2009-2-20 15:01:18 W I strongly agree with the assertion that significant advances in knowledge require expertise from various fields. The world around us presents a seamless[A1] web of physical and anthropogenic[A2] forces, which interact in ways that can be understood only in the context of a variety of disciplines. Two examples that aptly illustrate this point involve the fields of cultural anthropology and astronomy. Consider how a culture anthroplogist's knowledge about an ancient civilization is enhanced not only by the expertise of the archeologist[A3] -- who unearths[A4] the evidence -- but ultimately by the expertise of biochemists, geologists, linguists, and even astronomers. By analyzing the hair, nail, blood, and bones of mummified bodies, biochemists and forensic[A5] scientists can determine the life expectancy, general well-being, and common causes of death of the population. These
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