drawqq - vQN= dS*quann(vQ); print (vQ|vQE|vQN); // Plot...

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/* ** DrawQQ ** ** Purpose: ** Show how a qq plot could be constructed ** ** Date: ** 20/8/09 ** ** Author: ** Charles Bos */ #include <oxstd.h> #include <oxdraw.h> // #include <packages/gnudraw/gnudraw.h> main() { decl vY, vQE, vQN, iN, dS, vQ; iN= 1000; dS= 4; vY= dS*rann(1, iN); DrawQQ(0, vY, "Norm s=4", QQ_N, dS, 0); vQ= range(.01, .99, .01); vQE= quantiler(vY, vQ);
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Unformatted text preview: vQN= dS*quann(vQ); print (vQ|vQE|vQN); // Plot theoretical against empirical probabilities DrawTitle(1, &quot;PP-plot&quot;); DrawXMatrix(1, probn(vQE/dS), &quot;Theor&quot;, vQ, &quot;Emp&quot;, 0, 2); // Plot empirical against theoretical quantiles DrawTitle(2, &quot;QQ-plot&quot;); DrawXMatrix(2, vQN, &quot;Theor&quot;, vQE, &quot;Emp&quot;, 0, 2); ShowDrawWindow(); }...
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