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T EXAS U NIVERSITY Z ACHARY D EPARTMENT OF C IVIL E NGINEERING CVEN 349: C IVIL E NGINEERING P ROJECT M ANAGEMENT , F ALL 2009 1 Assignment 3 TOTAL POINTS: 100 DUE: Beginning of class on September 23rd, 2009 OBJECTIVES Familiarize with construction contracts, project delivery methods, and decision analysis. DELIVERABLES Submit this assignment in only hard-copy form. RESPONIBLE PARTIES This is an individual assignment. PART I (15 points) For this assignment you will need to do a series of problems from the textbook. Each problem is worth 5 points. For all problems, please explain your answer in enough detail so that we know how you arrived at your answer. From Halpin’s book, you should do the following problems: 4.4; 4.5; 4.6; 4.7 PART II (15 points) For each question state whether or not the statement is true or false . Justify your answer in no more than 3 sentences. Your grade will be based both on your true/false call and your justification. True/false answers without justification will receive zero points. Answers without a definitive true/false declaration will receive zero points. a) In the design-bid-build project delivery method, the cost (budget) risk for contractors and designers is very limited. (5 points) b) Innovative project delivery methods can help the owners transfer risks to contractors. (5 points) c) Design can influence construction, but construction can also influence design. (5 points)
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