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Assignment 7 - Your cost data should come from the excerpt...

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T EXAS U NIVERSITY Z ACHARY D EPARTMENT OF C IVIL E NGINEERING CVEN 349: C IVIL E NGINEERING P ROJECT M ANAGEMENT , F ALL 2009 1 Assignment 7 TOTAL POINTS: 60 DUE: Beginning of class on November 9, 2009 OBJECTIVES Familiarize with cost estimation process. DELIVERABLES Submit this assignment in only hard-copy form. RESPONIBLE PARTIES This is an individual assignment. PART I (50 points): From Halpin’s book, you should do problems 13.1; 13.2, 13.3, and 13.4. For problem 13.4, you should assume that you will be using 8” thick 8”x16” double-face glazed bricks that have Styrofoam insulated plant-installed.
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Unformatted text preview: Your cost data should come from the excerpt from the RSMeans manual that is included in Supplement I of this assignment. The job is located in Bryan instead of Cincinnati. Assume that Bryan CCI is 82.7. PART II (10 points): Answer the following true-false questions: 1) A conceptual estimate would be used for bidding purposes. 2) Detailed estimates are made with very little information know about the project. 3) The goal of quantity takeoff is to determine quantity of every item of the project...
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